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I am a liberal cosmopolitan vegetarian pacifist peacebuilder who enjoys music, sports, and constructive dialogue about how we can all make the world a better place.


Name: Mark

Age: Mid-twenties

Education: B.A. in Religious Studies, B.A. in History, M.A. in Peace Studies

Location: Originally from the East Coast, but I seem to be drifting westward. Soon to be in the Central time zone...

Interests: Sports, music, and politics...

Sports: Baseball (Baltimore Orioles), Football (Washington Redskins, Miami Hurricanes), Basketball (Syracuse Orange), Soccer (FC Barcelona)...

Music: Manic Street Preachers, U2, Blur, Ted Leo, The Arcade Fire, Wilco, JJ72, Muse, Bloc Party, Interpol, Modest Mouse, The New

Politics: Liberal cosmopolitan pacifist vegetarian. Interested in my own country's foreign and domestic policy (United States) and how its shapes the world, for better and worse. Also interested in South African affairs.

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